Thursday, October 14, 2010

A question for those who buy for one or two adults, only

I didn't get to the grocery store until today. Now, that doesn't mean I've been eating horrible food all week. I haven't. A friend treated me to lunch one day (Tex Mex) but I controlled myself, difficult as it was. It does mean that I've eaten breakfast a lot this week and I finally got tired of it and went grocery shopping today.

I went to two groceries, Albertson's and Brookshire's, a local chain that is higher than a cat's back. I go to the latter store strictly for sale items and even that's rare.

Since I moved into this place three months ago I've done little know, run to the store and get a few things then go again a few days later. It's taken me this long to get my basics so today I did 'big shopping', which probably is nothing compared to those of you who have large families (at one
time I shopped and cooked for a large family so I know how that goes) but was pretty big for me.

At Albertson's I spent $126.52 and got:

Green tea, diet pepsi, chicken and beef broth, Rotel tomaotes, vegetable stock, some spices, a whole chicken, two beef roasts, mucho breakfast meat, eggs, a lot of half and half, cottage and sharp cheddar cheeses, a lot of frozen vegetables (10/$10), two packages of John Soule's cooked fajita beef (not cheap but still cheaper than eating out after a long shift at work), fixins to make pico de gallo which I eat at least once a day, two jars of Claussen kosher dills, a couple of limes, mushrooms, and raw peanuts. I did remember to take my canvas bags with me and got a $.50 bag discount. Wooot! ;)

I spent $23.96 at Brookshire's and got seven packages of raw skirt steak and three avocados (10/$10) and one gala apple, my treat for this week.

So I spent almost $151.00 today on food for one person. That's the most I've spent grocery shopping in these three months but taking into account that I eat low carb most of the time, making cheaper things like rice, beans, and pasta not part of my regular diet, it wasn't too bad. Honestly, I live on meat, vegetables, and eggs. The food I got will last at least a month with the addition of a couple of runs for eggs and fresh produce.

Even though I think I did fairly well I feel like I spent too much. Damn those grocery prices! ;)

If you're in a household of one or two adults, how much do you generally spend for a month's worth of groceries? Really, I'd like to know.

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Michelle said...

My weekly budget for two adults is $140 - soon to be $150. But I can't really tell you how much of that is food and how much is other stuff. Between HBA, the occasional bit of clothes and birthday presents, by grocery budget is pretty much a whatever I throw in the cart at WM budget.

I will say though that there are some areas that we tend toward the extravagant. We (mostly by DH) goes through a lot of Diet Coke in a week. My husband also will not eat dark meat chicken, he hardly eats white meat chicken, and most of our dinners include meat.