Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday night fun!

Last night we ate dinner of meat loaf and vegetables then went to Double Dave's so Stephen, the 18 year old who is gifted with a guitar, could listen to "the brothers" (what I call them since I don't know their names), a couple of talented young musicians that play there two nights a week. When we got there, though, there were no brothers and what we found was a nice performance by a Chinese man named Van Kant, a woman named Dallas Heart, and her boyfriend Eddie.

Van was impressive simply because he plays guitar well, sings well, has incredible energy and a very nice stage presence. And I don't mean this to sound racist in any way but honestly, I'd never seen an Asian play country music! At least not that I recall. It might be common in other places but not here. What really struck me is that his speech is hard to understand but his singing is so clear and slightly tinged with a little southern drawl. Remember Mel Tillis who stuttered when talking but sang so well? Well, kinda like that. Van Kant is just impressive. Apparently, he's been all around the world singing and playing and for some reason he's here in East Texas now and plays at DD's on Tuesday and Thursday nights. You can bet I'll be there often to enjoy his music!

Dallas Heart played keyboard and sang and blew me away! She has a sultry voice just right for blues and George Benson style jazz and apparently that's where her heart is but she does a fantastic job of country music, too. She's versatile and I could listen to her sing for hours. To hear a little of her, check out her myspace. Some of the tunes there are a tad too close to lounge music for my taste but she makes them sound great. Make sure you listen to "Some Kind Of Wonderful" and "Masquerade".

Eddie, the bass player, is a good bass player according to the man person. I know little about music other than what I like and don't like so I can't attest to that but he plays drums for a local popular band and he sounded wonderful to me last night.

I got some videos with my cell phone but they suck and blow and are pretty worthless. Too bad because I wanted to share them with y'all. Stephen cracked me up a couple of times, though. After we'd been there a few minutes he leaned over and said to me, "Where's the distortion?" A little later he asked, "Do we need to move the tables and stuff for the mosh pit or just do it here?" Ahhhh, youngsters are something!

After the set was over they spent some time talking with us and Dallas and the man person are going to try to get together soon to jam a little. He's been trying to form a band for about two years just because he likes the groove of playing with good musicians but he hasn't been too successful yet. Getting to play with Dallas and Eddie and whoever else might just be right up his alley.

Anyway, that was our Tuesday night! Stephen was bored and sent text messages the whole time we were there but we got to hear great music and met some nice people and that's a good thing!

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