Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A day off but not a day of rest & a really cheap pair of pants!

I'm off work today but have a lot to do. I absolutely must get the laundry done and I have to continue getting records together for the trip. I also need to make a few phone calls, get my hair trimmed, go to the bank, and ensure any bills due while we're gone are paid before we leave. Then I have to make sure our neighbors have our cell phone numbers so they can reach us in case of an emergency. There are other things I need to get done and they're all associated with the great excursion we're about to undertake.

Now for something totally different. Recently we went to Burke's Outlet in Marshall and were so impressed that when a friend of my stepdaughter needed clothes we took him to the one in Kilgore. We got him three pairs of pants and some shirts and socks and I got two pair of pants for work (4.19 each!), a shirt, a couple of hair doodads, and a three pack of trouser socks. The total for all this was $62.65. But the best part is one of the pairs of jeans we got the young man. Check out the third item on this recipt:
Eighty cents! Yes, eighty cents! I love Burke's Outlet!!


Annie Jones said...

I wish we had one! Looks like the closest one is still hundreds of miles away. :(

CookinsForMe said...

Yes, there aren't many of them around but it's a great store! I wish I'd found it sooner but now that I have it's my go to place for clothes...after garage sales, of course. ;)