Monday, December 15, 2008

Menu Plan Monday - Planned overs a plenty!

Holiday MPM

Well, we did quite a bit of grocery shopping last week. We spent about $175, which is way above what we normally spend but there were some great food deals and working those deals is the main way we keep our grocery budget under control. So, we spent more last week but should only have to buy fresh produce, milk, and bread for at least three weeks, perhaps more. Gotta love that!

Right now the fridge has quite a few planned over ingredients in it so eating those is a priority. I really enjoy doing planned overs though because I like cooking a couple of things like a chicken and beef roast and using those in meals all week. It makes for quicker and easier meals and with my schedule for the coming week, that's a very good thing. So, here's this week's menu:

Tonight we'll have homemade beef pie (planned over from beef roast and vegetables last week) and we'll have it with a green salad and steamed spinach. Wednesday we'll have whatever I cook at Mom's house.

The rest of the week we'll have, in no particular order:

Chicken salad roll ups (planned over from baked chicken last week) with salad

Beef and noodle stew made with homemade noodles (planned over from beef roast last week)

Swiss Steak (using carne picada), mashed cauliflower, green beans and salad

Chicken quesadillas (planned over from store bought roasted chicken) with spicy wild rice and salad

Dinner out one night

I'm pretty sure this menu will clean the fridge of planned over items and leftover items. Oh goodie, then I get to clean the fridge well and start all over for the next week! Be still, my heart! ;)

For more tantalizing menu ideas, visit Menu Plan Monday and say howdy to Laura while you're there!

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Rona's Home Page said...

Love all the veggies that you're having this week. I love Steamed Green Beans.