Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday dinner

I worked until 3:00 this afternoon then DH picked me up and we made a quick Albertson's run. We didn't buy much (their prices are waaay too high on most things) but we still spent about $47. We did get 5 twelve packs of Dr Pepper products for $12 and several pounds of chuck roast on sale at $2.99. It's been awhile since we've seen chuck roast at that price so we got some for dinner tonight and some for the freezer.

The roast, seasoned pretty heavily with freshly ground black pepper and garlic, is broiling now and DH is making a salad. We'll have the roast and salad with baked red potatoes, one small potato each. Yum! We don't eat potatoes too often so its a real treat when we have them. I'll have mine with just a little butter and more freshly ground black pepper.

I'm off work tomorrow and have laundry to do. Other than that, I plan to not do a lot except some cooking for the week. I'm not sure yet what I'll cook but should have the week's menu ready to post in a few hours.

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