Monday, November 10, 2008

Menu Plan Monday & miscellaneous things

Menu Plan Monday

I can't ever seem to get this entry posted as early as I'd like but I'll keep trying.

We finally got the man person's office moved to the new suite. The new place is about 200 sq. ft. larger than the old one but oddly enough, we can't find spots to put a lot of the stuff we moved! The space is arranged differently and there's something about the layout that makes it seem as though we have less room. It's very frustrating and its kept me busy for the last couple of days. That and work which has picked up to the point that the hours there just speed by and I get home exhausted and just want to rest but can't because I have to start working again. Yuck!

Anyway, the office move is complete now and life can resume...sort of. But speaking of work, its been a real trip lately. We have a new boss. She isn't a new employee but she's new to being our boss. I like her and have always gotten along well with her. She's young, very young, and its a little odd having someone younger than my youngest child as my boss but I'm fine with it. But some days it seems she might be in over her head. She appears tobe frustrated at times and at other times almost depressed. I'm doing what I can to help her in this transition but there's only so much I can do.

After the recent false start on Autumn (we had cool weather for a day or two then a couple weeks of upper 70s and 80s weather), I think the real thing is almost here. Of course, I thought that three weeks ago. But the temperature this morning is about 50 but we have rain in the forecast for the next three days and just two days of 70s weather. Another couple of weeks should have us wearing sweaters and not using the air conditioner at all but who knows? Thanksgiving Day might find us wearing shorts and flip flops!

So here is this week's contribution to Menu Plan Monday:

Tonight we'll have chili made with ground turkey and we'll have it with cornbread and salad. Wednesday night we'll have whatever I cook at my mother's house.

The rest of the week we'll have, in no particular order:

Swiss Steak with mashed cauliflower and green beans

Beef, Barley, and Vegetable soup with homemade rolls

Cheese Steak Roll Ups and salad

Lima beans with salad and cornbread

Okay, now I'm hungry! But I have laundry to do before work so off I go!


Anonymous said...

Have a great week with your menu.

Anonymous said...

I'm hungry too! lol It's hard to go through all these menu plans without getting a snack! lol

Have a great week,


Alexis said...

Hi! I just found you through Chuck Westbrook. Your blog is delightful.

Kevin said...

I like to plan my meals out for the week as well.