Monday, December 31, 2007

"Now Better Tasting"?

I'm off work today and just walked to the convenience store for a Diet Pepsi. While there I had a sudden cookie craving and when that happens, it's generally a particular cookie I crave - Lorna Doone shortbread cookies. So I bought a small box and noticed on the walk back home that the box said, in bright and bold letters, "Now Better Tasting". Hmmm, I thought they were great before so I figured these had to be some spectacular cookies! Boy, was I wrong!

They taste sweeter to me and have less of a shortbread/butter flavor and more of a sugar cookie taste. How disappointing! I ate two of them and put the box aside. That's very good news for my blood sugar but not so good news for my taste buds.

Nabisco, what were you thinking? Give me back the old Lorna Doone cookies!

1 comment:

ehart said...

Never fails--better, new and improved, new recipe, now better tasting--it all equals "if you bought me before, never buy me again.