Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday's Musings & garden stuff

Today was a pretty slow day. We ran some errands, including taking the 16 year old to the high school for testing. He's been home schooled for two years after a short stint in public school and since he's going back into public school they need to know in what grade to place him. He says the test was easy but we don't know yet just how he did so we'll see.

Dinner tonight wasn't anything particularly exciting. I took a late nap and woke up at 6:30 so we had chili dogs with onions and mozzarella cheese for dinner. It wasn't fancy but it sure was tasty and thrifty. The 16 year old had never eaten a chili dog! How he's made it this far without eating one I don't know but he had his first one tonight. And his second one..then he ate what was left of the chili. Ahh, the joys of bottomless pit teen boys!

We got our second ear of corn from the garden today. It's a beautiful white sweet corn but this one ear at a time thing isn't working well. But oh well, we can share it tomorrow at lunch! And the man person ate the first homestead tomato from the garden, too. He says it had very little flavor and was kind of mealy and waxy tasting, like a store tomato. Since most of the tomato plants are just dying from too much rain we're going to start some more from seed and see how that goes. I'm just so disappointed in the tomatoes this year! I had high hopes of canning some and eating plenty of fresh ones but that just isn't going to happen unless we can get more going from seed and they do better later this summer. But then we have the heat to contend with! And unless something really bizarre happens, there won't be much rain at all so regular watering will be an absolute must.

So that's about it on the garden news for now. The rest of it seems to be plugging along, managing pretty well and trying not to drown in all this rain!

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