Monday, December 31, 2007

Food inventory and meals for the next week

Part of my pre New Year activities is taking an inventory of the food on hand and planning meals. Between the weird work hours I have now and the steadily increasing food prices, meal planning is more important to me than ever. So here's my inventory and the meals for the next week.

In the freezer:

6 whole chickens
5 lbs ground beef
10 lb ground turkey
3.5 lb chuck roast
2 packages of Gorton's fish fillets (the grilled kind, 2 fillets in each package)
3 lb turkey ham
2 lb turkey bacon
several varieties of shredded cheese
20 lb whole tomatoes
green beans, lima beans
mustard greens, collard greens, and spinach
broccoli and cauliflower

In the refrigerator:

1/2 gallon of milk
butter and margarine
Country Bob's sauce
worcestershire sauce
salad dressing and mayonnaise
baby carrots
green onions
american, mozzarella, cream and cottage cheeses

In the cupboard:

numerous cans of the vegetables we eat
a few cans of fruit
black and green olives
marinated artichoke hearts
canned marinated mushrooms and plain mushrooms
chopped garlic
cream of whatever soups and the ingredients to make homemade versions
canned chili (which I prefer for chili corn chip pie)
brown, white, and wild rices
dried beans and peas
plenty of spices and condiments

I also have 5 avocadoes and 4 bananas

Tonight we ended up getting a smoked chicken from the local grocery deli. There's enough left to use later in the week so it will get eaten quickly.

Tomorrow I'm preparing the Gorton's fish fillets and black eyed peas. Not so much because it's New Year's Day as because I like that combination. ;)

The rest of the week we'll have, in no particular order:

Chicken & dressing casserole (made with the leftover chicken from tonight), tossed salad, and green beans

Leftover black eyed peas with tossed salad

Chili made with 1/2 lb ground turkey and Ranch Style Beans and served with tossed salad

Hamburger skillet dish (homemade) with broccoli and green beans

Super salads with several leaf lettuces, tomato, green onions, bean sprouts, and shredded cheese

"Now Better Tasting"?

I'm off work today and just walked to the convenience store for a Diet Pepsi. While there I had a sudden cookie craving and when that happens, it's generally a particular cookie I crave - Lorna Doone shortbread cookies. So I bought a small box and noticed on the walk back home that the box said, in bright and bold letters, "Now Better Tasting". Hmmm, I thought they were great before so I figured these had to be some spectacular cookies! Boy, was I wrong!

They taste sweeter to me and have less of a shortbread/butter flavor and more of a sugar cookie taste. How disappointing! I ate two of them and put the box aside. That's very good news for my blood sugar but not so good news for my taste buds.

Nabisco, what were you thinking? Give me back the old Lorna Doone cookies!